5 Technologies To Watch in 2021

5 Technologies To Watch in 2021

We are living in an era where technology is changing how we do business and how we live. The old limitations of internet, storage, power and computing have fallen away leading to a great acceleration of change. So here are the five technologies to watch in 2021.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Simply put, when machines begin to perform feats such as reading, speaking, seeing and recognizing emotions then we can say they are using AI. But the most important element of AI is the ability to learn from past activities. Now computers are using advanced algorithms that utilize data from the environment, location etc. to perform tasks more accurately and faster than human beings can.

We believe that in all systems will have AI built in but the question we have is  how can your organization take advantage of this today?

Augmented reality

This is really cool stuff; the next game changer is definitely here and it is called augmented reality. This is where sound and vision are used to stimulate the senses utilizing also location data to allow people to immerse and react in realtime to their virtual environment. Businesses are using this technology in various sectors such as art, engineering, education, medicine etc.  Organizations are increasingly applying this technology across a wide spectrum of human activity from art and entertainment to commerce, education and the military. Learning and professional education has been changed forever. Are you ready for AR in your business in 2021? 


The fortunes of digital currency Bitcoin have drawn public attention to Blockchain technology, but this secure system for recording and verifying transactions and storing trusted records has the potential to disrupt enterprises of many kinds. Companies are using Blockchain technology to transform time-consuming, centralised, less reliable and less secure systems. Digital democracy platform MyVote, for example, uses Blockchain to store users' personal data and voting history to give citizens a more direct voice in the political process. Could you use Blockchain to keep your data secure?


Robots in manufacturing go back to the 1960s. Now it's the scale and breadth of the transformation that automated systems make possible, as a result of other advances in machine learning and connectivity, for example, that puts automation firmly at the forefront of technology trends. From convenient devices at home to industrial applications on a massive scale, automation will be a key focus of technological change, with potentially far-reaching economic and social consequences.

Currently, professional services such as the legal and finance industry are being disrupted by automation with feedback from these sectors being that core technical skills together with management and people skills being more important than ever. How will automation disrupt your business?

Internet of Things

Gartner calls the combination of technologies and the connection of people, devices, content and services the "intelligent digital mesh." This is the foundation for new business models, platforms and possibilities that will transform how we live and work with implications that go far beyond the technology itself and involve disciplines such as law, economics, business and politics.

It is early days for the application of IoT strategy but it is clear that opportunities will exist for those with the technical knowledge to connect platforms as well as those with the data analytics skills to utilise the rich stream of information generated by IoT applications. What could you learn from connecting and analysing the data from your products or elements of your core operations?

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