Online Business - Level 1 - One on One Coaching With Experts

Online Business - Level 1 - One on One Coaching With Experts

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Online Business - Level 1 - One on One Coaching With Busines and IT Experts

You get to be coached by two experts who have the knowledge and experience you need to design a great business plan and scale it online using the right systems.

Here's what we cover:

  • Natural Law & Online Business Equation; This session is on natural law and the online business equation. These two things are fundamentally important. Natural law is the law of nature, the law of how everything works in business. The online business equation is the fundamental equation that online business works on.
  • Analyse and refine your niche;  In this session, we are going to review your niche. We are going to discuss your niche and the process you use to refine it.
  • Taking a view of your market; In this session, we are going to study your market. You will learn how people view the market and the importance of understanding the market to create value. The people who are successful usually work hard to add value to the market. It's the people who create things and the people who bring innovation that gets rewarded. This session is going to show you how to take a view on your market so that you can be unique and not follow the crowd.
  • Refine your offer; In this session, we are going to explain the traditional, classical way of thinking and how entrepreneurs put together their offers. Then we are going to talk about this new way of thinking and building an offer. The traditional way of thinking is to provide as much information, many products and as many hours and time as possible. The new way of thinking is to provide as little as possible.
  • Communicating your offer; In this session, we're going to discuss your marketing message and how you communicate your offer to your niche. You'll learn how to craft a message that raises hairs on your prospect arms and how to continuously improve your message using a message formula and scientific process.
  • Maintaining the Momentum; In this session, we discuss how to believe in yourself and achieve success in your business. If you've ever wondered why there's one side of you that wants to achieve big things and another side of you that procrastinates and self-sabotages this session will be great. This has been the most transformative module in the program for many of our coachees. We highly recommend it.
  • The Science of Conversions; This session is a real treat. We reckon this one session is worth 10 times the price of this program alone. In here, we discuss exactly how to sell. Just with this session alone, we going to see how to master sales and systemically close deals again and again.
  • Organic Attraction Methods; In this session, We are going to discuss organic attraction methods to attract clients to your online business.
  • Paid Attraction Methods; In this session, we shall discuss everything you need to know when it comes to attracting clients using paid advertising. You'll learn how paid advertising works and specific funnels you can use to generate sales. We shall discuss how to use Facebook ads to attract prospects, push them through your funnel, use natural selection to find the ones who are ready to buy now, use your conversion script, and sign up them up as clients.
  • Assembling your system; In this session, we shall learn the essentials you need in order to go to battle when it comes to taking your online business to your marketplace. In this session, we shall study the different tools and technology that you need to assemble your business as an integrated system, go into your market and really make a mark. This session is where things get real and money starts to be made in a big way.
  • The Execution; In this session, we bring everything together into one cohesive action plan for a month to month execution. The monthly action are extremely important because they set the standard for the rest of your year. This session shows you how to reverse engineer your goals into daily action items and then execute on them each day.