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You are about to read an overview of a one-of-its-kind program for skyrocketing your business towards success using the power of automation. It is expressly intended ONLY for entrepreneurs who need to reach thousands of customers online or whose customers buy their products repeatedly enough to justify automation of the business. The program you'll see below is made available for an investment of only Eur 599.00 per year.

If you have that capital to invest AND IF automation of your business is worth a lot to you—and your budget can easily justify the price of orchestrating business automation — We welcome you to continue to unlock the premium iMotivat Orchestrator Program that awaits you.

Probably the greatest business growth and customer attracting method for getting any business growing 24/7, right now -- is automating your business and taking it online.

Why automate now? 

There are a number of reasons: 

First: Risking your limited capital on outdated traditional business models is dangerous and costly.

Second: Paying a lot in salaries for an army of staff who may not be effective and reliable.

Third: You can't reach customers 24/7, anywhere using physical methods such as conferences, trade shows, exhibitions etc.

The Wonderful Benefits of Automation
(It’s the business-accelerating “Miracle Treatment”) 

Automating your business makes customers… buy faster and negotiate less, make bigger purchases, buy more things, buy more frequently, buy longer, bring their friends - and most importantly – cost you very little.

Hopefully your business is already having some services automated attracting some customers online, if not something IS very wrong! Most probably, the customers or opportunities that you do get (if any) -- come in sporadically, infrequently, and/or unpredictably. That's because you probably use a process that is still traditional and manual - not at all strategic.

Where Will Your Value from Automation Come From?

iMotivat knows how to orchestrate technology to get current customers, past customers, suppliers, contractors, even unsold prospects – all consistently and enthusiastically encouraging them to do business with you at every opportunity.

Done right, the business services automated WILL proactively introduce your company, products / services or people even more extensively to untapped markets.

iMotivat has exceptional, extensive, exciting ways for your business to pick the very best, most powerful automating techniques from our body of 100+ strategies, and apply THE most appropriate ones for your business situation.

iMotivat Has Technological Strategies That Can Be Applied In Almost Every Business Situation.

By the way — and you'll love this — iMotivat has strategies to use right at the beginning of contact. We have strategies to use right when the company is founded. We have strategies to use in the growth stages...

Situational Technology Strategies

There are strategies to use when you have nothing and just starting. But that's only part of iMotivat’s system. We ALSO have strategies you apply at certain situations or appropriate times of the year...

  • Strategies you use when specific events, developments, and/or outcomes occur.
  • ​Strategies you use professionally as well as strategies you use more socially
  • ​Strategies you implement where specific factors converge 

But those are all strategies you use with people you've had, or have, a relationship with.

We Don't Stop Here!

We have automation strategies you can use to build massive value generating businesses serving thousands of customers.

We know how to get all kinds of other technological solutions, professionals, experts ALL supporting and assisting your business.

The resulting automated business is more efficient bringing value to all customers, buyers, clients, readers, viewers, members, employers, vendors, friends and family – The possibilities you'll be introduced to are truly enormous and potentially endless!

Double, Triple, Quadrable Again — Your Business Generating Value 24/7

We are talking truthfully (and realistically) about being able to double, triple, and quadrable again… your predictable flow of business at very little cost and reaching customers online 24/7.

Once you start implementing these automation strategies – “The Flywheel Effect” kicks in, which propels exponential growth that – properly executed, is hard to stop compounding!

Apply Just 3-6 Strategies To Blow The Doors
Off Your Profit Picture

But we aren't naive enough to tell you you'll do it by applying all 100+ strategies of the iMotivat Orchestrator Program. You won't.

You can't.

Look -- for most entrepreneurs who don't have even one formalized, systemized, or continuously adhered to automation strategy in place — adding 3 to 5 is enough to open the doors for your successful business.

Apply more strategies, and your business can truly expand - and frequently explode in value!

This is a vitally important component — especially today, when businesses are striving to get beyond the pandemic period back to past profit levels and beyond!

Here's why:

If you can start generating a meaningful share of value from introducing technology that costs little to nothing, and if these strategies make buyers spend more, buy more, buy more often and refer more people that cost nearly NOTHING to acquire - your profit margins will increase!

Getting The Same Profit From Far Less

It's possible — with enough automation strategies in place that — you'll get the same profit from far less effort as before, and far more profit from the same effort as before.

So, we have taken 100+ automation solutions and put them together into a system called iMotivat Orchestrator Program.

It teaches you the mindset of value generation.

It teaches the 100+ methods.

It teaches how to implement and execute optimally — for maximum results and cash-flow.

It's designed for any type / size business starting up or that already provides solid value creation to your marketplace and already gets at least a portion of their business from traditional and manual methods, already.

In-Depth Sessions Revealing Over 100 Automation Strategies — In Excruciating Detail — For Capitalizing On Hidden Pockets Of Value No Matter What Business You’re In

In each mindest-transforming and action-oriented session, we cover very specific topics related to successfully automating each part of your business so you can practically OVERNIGHT supercharge your profitability and start growing your business to monumental levels.

Each experience has been carefully designed to cover the most important and complete concepts, methodologies and strategies required so YOUR business can become a value generating machine!

These automation strategies have been hand-picked carefully and deemed as the highest and most relevant for fast-tracking your next big business breakthrough.

Sooo... what are we offering?

FIRST PART, We delve into the mindset and paradigm shifts in thinking, focus and action that will transform you and your team into a masterful, value generating enterprise.

PART TWO and THREE, you will receive access to hundreds of hours of totally newfound, unshared strategies, complete with tactical approaches, examples, situational scenarios, role playing, and deep consequential discussion.

We’re talking 100+ automation ideas and approaches ideas that FEW (IF ANY!) OF YOUR COMPETITORS would think of doing.

Then, in PART FOUR, We put it all together and show you exactly / precisely – how to choose which systems and technologies to run

It’s THAT profound!

Just hope that your best competitor doesn't ultimately learn these utterly unmatchable value-generating systems, strategies and mindsets — INSTEAD of you!

Here’s Everything You’re Getting Today Inside This Power-Packed iMotivat Orchestrator Program

The program is Eur 599 per year — a very fair price based on what it delivers. PLUS, it offers LIVE monthly technology execution workshop guidance clinics with iMotivat’s top specialists.

And to make this deal even sweeter…

You’re Getting THREE Bonuses
(Valued At Over $10,000) Free!

  • Fast Action Bonus #1: Coaching That Fits Your Business Goals, Interests and Dreams — Weekly live appearances with coaches, IT experts & mastermind classes. We walk with you as you grow your business providing the motivation and inspiration you need to achieve your goals. Included is the innovative program to help you become a Fearless Entrepreneur and Speaker to accelerate your business visibility to gain passive income.
  • Fast Action Bonus #2: Digital Solutions — A managed standard web or eCommerce portal for your business. Unlimited access to iMotivat's online business solutions templates and tips

    We deliver robust digital solutions for customers, businesses and partners. Our team develops and integrate best in class digital solutions, eCommerce applications ,web portals and mobile apps that are fully integrated with business processes. With a focus on user-centered design our Clients capitalize on the benefits of modern technology improving the customer experience and ultimately delivering competitive advantage.
  • Fast Action Bonus #3: Access to thousands of entrepreneurs within iMotivat's global network. — You will experience deep personal growth every week and benefit from the support and accountability from thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide.
  • … all yours for just $599 per year.


If automating your business to acquire thousands more customers online is worth a lot of revenue and profit — either initially, OR over a period of time — through repeat purchases, you need this innovative program. If your needs to survive in this ultra-competitive, or a complex, or hard to please customer environment — you need the iMotivat Orchestrator Program!

ONLY Eur 599.00 per Year

iMotivat's Chief Orchestrator of Business Automation 

But top business technology expert, lead coach Dr Jones Lukose and his team are masters of business automation strategies.

He knows 100+ ways your business can generate ongoing streams of revenue and lowering costs using technology – starting now!

One more point. It might provide you with certainty:

In case you know very little about Dr Jones Lukose of iMotivat — he's referred to as the Chief Automation Orchestrator because of all the value he's created for businesses and institutions, worldwide.

His expertise includes practical experience in implementing information governance processes and systems to modernize business processes and increase information transparency. He has worked on all sides of program and system implementations from industry, independent consultant, vendor and management.

His industry experience includes engineering, central & local governments, energy & utility sectors, international and judicial organizations in Africa, Europe and the Americas.

My Specialties: Motivation, Keynote Speaking, E-government, transparency & governance, managing delivery teams, information governance, artificial intelligence, enterprise content management, ERP, document management systems, data management, programme management, archives & records management, information security, business change & stakeholder management.

Famed Firms Laud His Amazing Ability

Many of those who have significantly benefited from Jones’ expertise and methods are United Nations, Local & Central Government Uganda, National Water Corporations (Kenya & Uganda), Electrogaz Utilities (Rwanda), Central Bank Uganda, USAID, GTZ and Government of Jamaica, HP, Canon, Adobe, Micro Focus etc...

Jones and his team are known for his highly original, non-linear technology approaches to business growth, value-boosting and devising preemptive competitive advantage.

The team created the iMotivat Orchestrator Program to help Skyrocket your business with innovation, greater speed, greater automation, greater simplicity and reach more customers everywhere 24/7.

ONLY Eur 599.00 per Year

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