ID linkedinProfile fullName Suitability Score Details
5 https://www.linkedin.com/in/kimberlyadams15/ Kimberly Adams Kimberly Adams is Co-Foudner of Tech Company, however her experiste is n marketing as her previous job she was the VP of Marketing. She is the founder of Bridge Network, Bridge Network is a decentralized cross-chain hub for the DeFi ecosystem. TZF Client Profile Fit - Kimberly Adams being a Co-founder and of a marketing background makes her very useful In descions in regards to marketing - Bridge Network, have a low social media presence and seem to be a relatively new company only running for a couple of months - Wasn’t mentioned where they were based Short ConclusionBridge Network is another strong candidate to be a client for TZF, they are new so any proposals could reach them directly and with Kimberly as the contact point, she would understand the need of a strong media presence 8 file:5.html  
3 https://www.linkedin.com/in/jarroush/ Joseph Jarroush Joseph Jarroush is a highly qualified and experienced vice president of operations with an impressive background in overseeing post-retail activities and processes, warehouse operations, and departmental leadership in both the for-profit and non-profit sector. Who is the vice for a nonprofit organization called Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey.TZF Client Profile Fit- Joseph Jarroush is fit to make decision for the organization - Goodwill has a reasonable sized following on their medias, however their content could do with some re-vamping - Goodwill is based in New York Short ConclusionGoodwill is a good potential client for TZF, with their social media needing upgrading shown by high followers but low engagement, they are in need of guidance from an agency. Joseph Jarroush is a great contact person to aid in that journey 8 file:3.html  
1 https://www.linkedin.com/in/kahaso-mtana/ Kahaso Mtana Kahaso Mtana, is a coordinate leader for Malosaili who, enhance leadership capacity, and help local organizations get money. With a substantial number of experience in leading groups and societies. TZF Client Profile Fit- Kahaso Mitano isn’t a CEO or in a position to make marketing calls - Malosali with their tech savviness score of a 5, they are great potential clients for TZF, with a fairly low social media presence on both their twitter and youtube, along with that there was no Instagram account nor facebook or even Tiktok - The company is based in USShort Conclusion Malosaili is a great potential client for TZF with their low social media existence and interesting business idea with the help of TZF they can grow , however Kahso Mtana isn’t the best lead magnet but Kahso might definitely know the contact of the head of the marketing department 7 file:1.html  
2 https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-wetherill-80469036/ John Wetherill John Wetheril, is the brand marketing executive for a successful Group of Hotels named PPHE Hotel Group, with a portfolio worth over 1.5 billion dollars.TZF Client Profile Fit - John Wetheril is in the most perfect position to be able to make marketing decisions- However, with 24,231 Followers on linkedin and 100k+ on facebook, PPHE already have a strong media presence- The company is based in the Netherlands Short conclusion Even though John Wetheril is a In a great position to make choices, PPHE is a very established company with an already huge following across all social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, twitter,linkedin and youtube. Landing them as a client would be huge but difficult 4 file:2.html  
4 https://www.linkedin.com/in/ruiguerracv/ Rui Guerra Rui Guerra is the co-founder young and ambitious studio based in Utrecht, specialized in developing digital strategies for cultural organizations called INTK.TZIF Client Profile Fit - Rui Guerra being a founder is in the right position to contract agencies- INTK is digital marketing agency, that specializes in museums etc.- INTK is based in Amsterdam Short Conclusion INTK just like TZIF are a digital marketing agency that offers similar marketing services, so the chances of them being clients are very low, but potentially partners. 2 file:4.html