Fintech - Wellfin - Online financial services platform

Fintech - Wellfin - Online financial services platform

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Personal finance, 

  • Should have your budget, Income, Expenses.
  • Client should be able to upload 3 month bank statement, so that we can determine income and expenses and then compare that to the budget.
  • Client must be able to list short term and long term goals.
  • Based on the information she gave us we can suggest how she can allocate her money to achieve these goals

On Goals

  • The client must list all their goals and indicate how much they need in order to achieve this goal.
  • If a client commits to a certain goal, we must monitor and the client must earn points every three months for her commitment to the goal.
  • Clients will earn rewards based on the points they accumulated.

Investment Planning

  • There must be a list of investments Like unit trust, investment policy, cryptocurrency, property etc. 
  • Calculate their net worth, then categorize them accordingly.
  • They must sign an astute form so that we can see the investments they have.
  • We must be able to calculate the investment costs for each investment.
  • We must be able to determine their risk appetite, then help with the asset allocation mix.

Retirement Planning

  • This feature must have a retirement calculator
  • Expenses that will be important during retirement,
  • Be able to build, manage and forecast your retirement at the comfort of your home.

Digital Marketing

  • Search engine optimization
  • E-mail Campaigns
  • SMS Campaigns
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads