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Dr Jones Lukose - Lead Mentor and Coach

Would you like to excel in your craft or career with a top Information and Data Management mentor at your side? Grow with every mentoring session and take the next step in your career? I have a slot to mentor one more committed and ambitious professional like you.

I am an information management specialist with more than 20 years of national and international experience in developing and implementing strategies to achieve operational effectiveness and regulatory compliance by leveraging ICT for business and humanitarian causes.

My expertise includes practical experience in implementing information governance processes and systems to modernise business processes and increase information transparency. I have worked on all sides of program and system implementations from industry, independent consultant, vendor and management.

Also honoured to be an advisor for "Auspicious Agile and Blockchain" (

My industry experience includes engineering, central & local governments, energy & utility sectors, international and judicial organizations in Africa, Europe and the Americas.

Key clients and projects include International Criminal Court (ICC), United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR), Local & Central Government Uganda, National Water Corporations (Kenya & Uganda), Electrogaz Utilities (Rwanda), Central Bank Uganda, USAID, GTZ and Government of Jamaica, HP, Canon, Adobe, Micro Focus.

My Specialties: Motivation, Keynote Speaking, E-government, transparency & governance, managing delivery teams, information governance, artificial intelligence, enterprise content management, ERP, document management systems, data management, programme management, archives & records management, information security, business change & stakeholder management.

1) To start, submit your short term goals here -> 3 Year Goals 

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