iMotivat Empowering Hundreds

When shops were forced to close their doors in March, it put many businesses at risk that didn’t have the digital tools in place to sell their products online. To help local businesses navigate today's challenges, we decide to help up to 100 small businesses get their online store built and launched over the next 120 days, at no cost.

Small businesses at home need support right now, which is pushing everyone to think through both immediate and long-term solutions. COVID-19 has reinforced the need for entrepreneurs to seamlessly connect offline and online selling capabilities. We’re not only helping build up to 100 online shops, we’re future-proofing these businesses as they re-open. We are also providing training for business owners and volunteers building the online stores.

iMotivat is keen to help businesses that currently don’t have the resources available to them to build an online store, including local restaurants, bars or cafes. The campaign will run from May through September 2020, with the ultimate goal of bringing 100 shops online.

The requirements are:

  • It is a registered business or a registered non-profit organization.
  • It has a business location or is home-based.
  • It has fewer than ten employees
  • It is not a corporate chain or franchise.
  • Or must be an artist or consultant

Do contact us for more information