About us

We run your information technology (IT) projects in a professional manner that helps your organization achieve its IT goals by planning and executing projects. Our IT project managers might lead projects to introduce new software solutions, scale IT processes, or switch cloud providers for an organization. We also provide IT project management tasked with leading software development.
Our quaified IT project managers can work with the IT teams of many different types of organizations and sectors.

We focus on the liaison between the business and technical developers. Our business analysts gets to work together with the business clients to gather/define requirements of a system or process to improve productivity while at the same time working with the technical teams to design and implement the required system/process.

We make it easy to automate your business to sell your products or services online and get more customers. Our technology provides a wide range of tools entrepreneurs can use to guide their new companies through the startup and growth stages. The technology increases efficiency, boosts your customer engagement, improves sales, and increases brand awareness across any channel you choose.

Since inception, our technology has powered businesses in retail, real estate, cleaning, clothing, event management, Food, logistics among others. Time and time again our customers marvel at how our e-commerce solutions are lowering their costs to do business.

Our team has over 20 years of combined experience in e-business and e-commerce deploying proven processes that work. We deliver robust digital solutions for customers, businesses and partners. Our team develops and integrate best in class digital solutions, eCommerce applications ,web portals and mobile apps that are fully integrated with business processes. With a focus on user-centered design our Clients capitalize on the benefits of modern technology improving the customer experience and ultimately delivering competitive advantage. We have developed business systems for large institutions such as the United Nations, Governments (Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda etc.) and helped small and medium enterprises in many sectors.

Global change and new technologies like AI are disrupting business. We help you how thrive in this new world with networks that really matter now and beyond.

We use AI and new technologies to create a powerful global network for you, connecting you with the right business people, experts, customers and transformation to build grow your business.

You will experience deep personal growth every week and benefit from the support and accountability from thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide.

iMotivat solutions provide a one-stop-shop for all your e-business and e-commerce requirements.